The PMTD can be viewed at the following Trade Shows and Expos

ATAXIA- March 17-20:
LAX Hilton

LA EXPO- April 15-17:
LA Convention Center

NJ EXPO- May 20-22: NJ Expo Center: Edison, NJ

CHICAGO EXPO- July 8-10: Schaumburg Convention Center

HOUSTON EXPO- August 26-28: Reliant Park Expo Center

SAN JOSE EXPO- November 18-20: San Jose Convention Center

CMSA- June 14-17: San Antonio, Texas

INDEPENDENCE EXPO: September 23-24: Orlando, FL.


"For over 20 years we have had a PMTD™ and have never had a problem. Its wonderful for circulation."

Lewis David Gray


"PMTD™ is in use daily in our cardio department. It is used by spinal cord injured, multiple sclerosis and students with limited use of the lower legs."

Glennor R. Davis
Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, CA


"Citrus College has used PMTD™s for over fifteen years and our disabled students absolutely love the increased range of motion they gain from using the PMTD™. It is the best passive (therapy) machine to increase flexibility that I have ever seen or heard about."

Steve Hartman
Director of Fitness
Citrus College
Glendora, CA


Physical Movement Therapy


The Physical Movement Therapy Device (PMTD™)

The PMTD™ is a versatile, self-operated therapeutic device for patients
who are mobility-challenged. It is specifically designed for the simultaneous movement of all four limbs, however compromised, and allows the
mobility-challenged an integrated means of improving their health,
both physically and mentally.


Simple Easy to use Controls



The Therapeutic results of sustained use of the PMTD include:

Provides a rhythmic, reciprocal, repetitive means of whole body movement, in both active and passive modes

Increases muscle mass, especially for compromised limbs

Promotes massaging and circulation to all internal organs

Strengthens the fascial system

Increases range of motion

Reduces spasticity


Also Helps To: